Community Involvement

Here at Luxa, our vision is to promote prosperity and well-being by contributing to the communities in which we live and work. Luxa strives to support a broad range of community initiatives through donations, sponsorships and employee volunteer activities.

"We are blessed to live and work in a community that provides us an enriched life. We wish to not only make an impact on business growth, but also to the community." 

Frauke | CEO & Managing Partner


hab_for_hum_LUXA.jpg"I truly enjoy the community events because it provides a means for employees to give back and make a difference in the community; It's a blessing to be able to help those less fortunate than yourself. "  - Yvonne | HR Specialist 

It is very satisfying to be able to go out to the community and help where it is needed.  I enjoy working with my co-workers outside of the office.  And to see that what we do is helping those who need it.  Milton – AP Specialist



IMG_1005-1.jpg"I love that Luxa does a quarterly community project. It's a nice feeling of pride and accomplishment that we are contributing to the wellbeing of our home."

- Patty | Accounts Payable

IMG_6190.jpg Gabby – AR Specialist, volunteering in Reading Partners Program

"I think there is nothing better than helping out in the community.  It is a fun         and learning experience each time we do something.  I enjoy the time to work                                together on something as a team outside the office."

 - Milton | Accounts Payable Specialist


10462688_717424518324890_6882361583323717586_n-053858-edited-174773-edited.jpg"I like doing community events because it feels really good to help those who are in need.  Giving back to me means I get to share some of my blessings and good fortune with others." - Rickie|Collections Specialist


Not everyone can help financially, however most of us can give of our time. Giving back to the community through volunteering, not only makes me feel good knowing my contribution will help someone in need, it also reminds me of how truly fortunate and blessed I am. Additionally, I usually learn something about the program and its interworkings.”   Judi – AR Collections Team


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