5 Key Elements Your Employee Manual Should Include

Many workers in today's labor market view their employee manual as a boring list of "don'ts" that they have to sign in order to get, or stay employed. For their part, employers may consider employee manuals to be a "necessary evil" that protects them from potential lawsuits.

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7 Things You Need to Have Written in Your Employee Manual

Your employee manual is an important document that gives workers an idea what to expect from your company. It can also protect you against employment lawsuits for harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination. Ensure your handbook is as effective as possible by including these 7 things.

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How to determine if I have a contractor or employee?

There seems to be a trend for companies to utilize independent contractors rather than hire employees onto the payroll.

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Human Resource Planning: A Checklist For Small Businesses

Human resource planning is not very common for start-up small businesses to prioritize.

What should you think about?

You’ll need to create HR plans, policies and processes that meet short-term requirements and budgets but also take into account your long-term goals.

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Why Recruiting Can Be The Most Colorful Profession

Funny Recruiting Stories

Over the 11 years that LUXA's HR team has been helping clients hire employees, we have experienced some unusual and funny interviews that we thought were worth sharing! 

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