Streamline Your Business With Outsource Bookkeeping

If you're looking to streamline your business operations and maximize efficiency, outsource bookkeeping can be a key piece of your overall strategy. Today we're going to look at a few of the ways that outsourcing your bookkeeping can help make your life easier.

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Top 8 Reasons And Benefits Of Going Paperless

Looking for a way to have your company save money, increase productivity, AND help make your offices more eco-friendly? Although this might sound like the introduction to a tacky infomercial, there is a way to do all the above with minimal cost and effort: going paperless.

The average employee uses a mind-blowing 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year.

Now let's do some quick math here... 10,000 pieces of paper = 2 Boxes x $50 per box = $100 per employee!

This really adds up if you have a larger company and that's not even considering the amount of time lost managing and looking for papers (Resource Information Systems Inc. (RISI) estimates that U.S. companies will spend about $8 billion per year on managing paper... yikes!)

What's crazy is that the benefits of going paperless expand much further than just saving money...

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Month End Close: Key Reasons For Financial Statement Analysis

Would you like to know how healthy your business actually is? It's more important for small business owners to know than ever before.

There is a tested process of uncovering the secrets about your business that has been passed on through generations and generations of accountants....


There are many benefits that come from a financial statement analysis, but the main one we will be focusing on in this article is revealing the health of your business!

Why is that important?

According to, "Financial analysis determines a company's health and stability. The data gives you an intuitive understanding of how the company conducts business." (Griffin, Demand Media). 

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6 Business Management Tips To Data-driven Succession Planning

Is your organization considering a succession plan in your company's development phasing? Many companies are. What's more, companies that do consider succession planning eventually find they are biting off more than they can chew. Many factors, including many you might not have considered, arise from the mention of who will be next in charge. We have a few business management tips we would like to share that might ease the transition of a succession planning session for you.

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