How To Use QuickBooks And Xero For Your Month End Close Process

Every business owner knows that managing their books is important. One of those tasks to keep their books in order is reconciling your accounts at month end. This is extremely important if you ever get audited by the IRS. 

Do you still do it manually?

If you are thinking of implementing a new accounting software or want to see how the month end close process works, we will review 2 different accounting software platforms to simplify the process for you with Quickbooks and Xero cloud based accounting software.

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Month End Close: Key Reasons For Financial Statement Analysis

Would you like to know how healthy your business actually is? It's more important for small business owners to know than ever before.

There is a tested process of uncovering the secrets about your business that has been passed on through generations and generations of accountants....


There are many benefits that come from a financial statement analysis, but the main one we will be focusing on in this article is revealing the health of your business!

Why is that important?

According to, "Financial analysis determines a company's health and stability. The data gives you an intuitive understanding of how the company conducts business." (Griffin, Demand Media). 

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