How To Reduce Low Employee Morale With Free Meals

A growing number of companies have chosen to raise low employee morale by providing their employees with free meals, often on a daily basis.

Such a move can boost a sense of community among employees and create an overall fun environment.

A USA study found that although 56 percent of employees were satisfied with their jobs, the number went up to sixty-seven percent when provided with free meals. Free company meals also boost employee productivity

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A Unique Little Idea On How To Improve Employee Performance

If you work in HR, or own or manage a company, your are concerned about maximizing and how to improve employee performance.

Maybe you have tried all the standard approaches- bonuses, evaluations, raises, incentives- but you still have a feeling that you should be getting more from your staff.

If poor employee performance is a problem for your company, here is one simple trick that can greatly enhance productivity at minimal cost to you.

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