The Benefits of Using Xero Accounting and 5 How-To Tips

Small business accounting was once time-consuming and complicated, especially if you were a DIY kind of person. The latest accounting software like Xero Accounting makes those difficulties a thing of the past. It allows you to do all of your financials in the cloud for an affordable price.

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How To Collect and Manage Your Accounts Receivables Like A Pro!

As with any other aspect of your business, good planning and organization of a sound strategy to collect payment and manage your accounts receivables for your services and/or products can help keep your business on track and allow you to sleep at night without worrying about how you will pay your own bills. 

In this post, we will discuss several tips on how to set up an organized plan for accounts receivables.

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3 Simple Keys To Improve Your Small Business Invoicing Activities


Invoicing and collecting on your invoices are crucial to your company's cash flow.

Since they form part of the 'bread and butter" arm of your company, an efficient accounting system is necessary.

You must be able to resolve small business invoicing issues quickly and enforce customer terms for payment. It's also recommended that you invest in an automatic A/R system. 

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Crush Your Annoying Late Payments and Get Paid Faster Now!


Customers don't always make timely payments. And then you're stuck with the task of playing loan shark.

It might feel like you have no control over payments, but there are a few tools out there can increase your payment options and get your cash flow healthy again.

The easiest ways to do this are through recurring billing and auto-pay options.

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Small Business Accounting And Annual Insurance Audits

LUXA Enterprises specializes in small business accounting in Denver. They are on-hand to help with all of a company's bookkeeping requirements, especially during the time of an annual insurance audit.

The first year of insurance coverage for a small business typically comes with an estimated premium rate. However, after that first year of coverage it is common practice for insurance carriers to order insurance audits on all small business customers.

The renewal and establishment of more precise premium rates for a company's workers' compensation and general liability policies depends on the meticulous tracking of payroll, subcontractor costs, sales figures, and more.

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