How Do You Know Your Invoices Are Getting Paid the Right Way?

Keeping track of your business's financial data is a critical element of the accounting strategy. Tracking the financial data provides you with insights on your revenue stream as well as future cash flow. An organization that doesn't track its financial data is at risk of lagging on payment deadlines. This could lead to damaged relationships with vendors and creditors.

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What does your month end close process consist of?

Why monthly bank reconciliation is imperative

In today’s business environment, knowing how much cash your business has readily available is critical to the success of your organization.  This starts with the bank reconciliation, which enables effective cash flow management.

Bank reconciliations compare a company’s records to their bank records, which authenticates cash activity.  The bank statement is the source document issued by your bank confirming cash movement for a specific time period.

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3 Simple Keys To Improve Your Small Business Invoicing Activities


Invoicing and collecting on your invoices are crucial to your company's cash flow.

Since they form part of the 'bread and butter" arm of your company, an efficient accounting system is necessary.

You must be able to resolve small business invoicing issues quickly and enforce customer terms for payment. It's also recommended that you invest in an automatic A/R system. 

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3 Important Categories Needed In A Business Budget You Need To Know

Every business large or small depends on a number of business budgets, from the large scale master budget used to control final profitability, to smaller targeted budgets intended to increase the financial performance of a specific section or project within the company.

Use of exact budgeting to control expenses is key to reducing overhead and maximizing performance, something which any business would benefit from at any time.

This core tool of financial responsibility can be fine-tuned based on a project, department, or even specific employee or subcontractor, allowing total control over expenditures and keeping your business on track to reach specific milestones.

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How To Use QuickBooks And Xero For Your Month End Close Process

Every business owner knows that managing their books is important. One of those tasks to keep their books in order is reconciling your accounts at month end. This is extremely important if you ever get audited by the IRS. 

Do you still do it manually?

If you are thinking of implementing a new accounting software or want to see how the month end close process works, we will review 2 different accounting software platforms to simplify the process for you with Quickbooks and Xero cloud based accounting software.

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