Top 8 Reasons And Benefits Of Going Paperless


Looking for a way to have your company save money, increase productivity, AND help make your offices more eco-friendly? Although this might sound like the introduction to a tacky infomercial, there is a way to do all the above with minimal cost and effort: going paperless.

The average employee uses a mind-blowing 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year.

Now let's do some quick math here... 10,000 pieces of paper = 2 Boxes x $50 per box = $100 per employee!

This really adds up if you have a larger company and that's not even considering the amount of time lost managing and looking for papers (Resource Information Systems Inc. (RISI) estimates that U.S. companies will spend about $8 billion per year on managing paper... yikes!)

What's crazy is that the benefits of going paperless expand much further than just saving money...

Here's a list of our...

Top Eight Benefits of Going Paperless 

1) Accessibility 

Remember that 8 billion dollars a year I mentioned before that is lost to time wasted looking for paper documents?

Well this is how a paper-reduction effort in an office can cut down that time lost. In a paperless world, documents are readily summoned within seconds by searching a database, whether its over a network or simply on the user's harddrive.

It also helps that virtual documents are easier to share between multiple employees, or even between multiple sites.

 2) Easy to Comply to Regulations

Nowadays with HIPAA and SOX requiring strict documented measures on how to maintain data confidentiality and integrity, paper-based systems are a lot more difficult and expensive to track and manage.
Having a paperless system is like having a nice, clean audit trail for your documents. Your documents can be readily assigned a number that makes them easy to track, as well as a specific level of confidentiality in order to prevent unauthorized access.

 3) Simplicity 

This ties in with accessibility. With a digital document management system you can handle various tasks that would otherwise be tedious in a paper-based system with just a click of a button.
For example, sending documents, ordering goods, and authorizing invoices are just a few tasks that a lot of employees do on a daily basis that become more efficient in a digital-based system.

 4) Security

In a digital management system, there are plenty of options to apply different levels of security to your servers and your individual files.

For example, you can have it where you need a password-protected account in order to simply access the server and then you can password protect various directories and even files within directories so that only authorized personelle can access that data.

This avoids the situation where a paper document can easily fall into the wrong hands.

 5) Easy and Inexpensive Storage 

If you're an office manager or are aware the expenses involved in maintaining an office, then you know how expensive those clunky file cabinets are, let alone how much space they take up.

Now do you know how many of those file cabinets you can fit in just a mere 150 GB external hard-drive? 10? 20? ... 70! Yes, you can fit the equivalent of 70 file cabinets into that size of disk space.

And on top of that, 150 GB can comfortably sit on your desk; it's no bigger than the size of a 300 page novel. 

 6) Going Green 

Does anything more need to be said? With all the research backing up the claim that global warming is indeed happening, the world has begun to see the value in going green.

Even though you may be just one company, your impact will accumulate with the various other efforts that companies are making across the world.

Switching to a paperless system will cut down on deforestation and pollution, leaving more trees to do the dirty work of absorbing carbon dioxide, and slowing down global climate change.

 7) Peace of Mind

Not so fun fact : More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.

However if you have all your information on a server then there's no need to worry. You also don't need to worry about misplacing or losing any documents, which the average employee spends 30% of their time at work trying to recover.

 8) Improved Customer Service

Having a paperless system allows for efficiency and autonomy for your clients, which is very important. You can easily and securely provide and receive the documents that are needed in a much shorter span of time.

You can even give customer specific electronic to the files the need so they can access them at any time.

Providing electronic access to all relevant data not only gives customers more accurate and complete information, it makes them happier and more loyal customers.

I hope this enlightened your perspective on creating a paperless environment! As you can see there are a lot of benefits to you AND your clients. Do you have any arguments for or againt switching to digital management system for handling data? If so, let us know!




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