Yvonne Davis

Yvonne Davis

Yvonne enjoys spending time with her family; as well as photography. She has a true passion for human resources and helping those in need. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit center in Sapulpa, OK and volunteers for others when time permits.

Recent Posts by Yvonne Davis:

Interaction Safety: Do your employees feel safe enough to soar?

It’s time to rethink workplace safety. As it relates to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, organizations must take the safety of employees a step further than simply ensuring their physical safety in your environment, we must also consider interaction safety. We want all employees to speak up, be creative and make their strongest contributions but are we providing environments in which employees feel they can do so safely without criticism and judgment. Are you creating environments where all employees feel safe enough to soar?

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion

Equity vs. Equality – Equality is Not Enough

As we roll into the new year, I challenge you to focus on equity vs equality in the organization. Equality is a great step, but let’s take it further.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion

Back to the Basics: Respect & Inclusion in the Workplace

“Please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, and I apologize”, these very simple but respectful words appear to be disappearing from the workplace. We are often so busy scurrying in and out of the workplace that we forget to use these simple courtesies.

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Inclusion Starts with I


Inclusion is often referred to as the secret sauce of organizations. It is the one true element that can truly move an organization’s diversity and inclusion forward. Although often intertwined, diversity and inclusion are not the same thing.

#AllyChallenge - I Dare You To Change

So for the next five minutes, I ask that you open your hearts and your minds to a possibility of a new and better you and if you're like me, you're probably thinking “Oh I got this. I'm pretty good, right?” Or more so as it relates to moving beyond and disrupting risk, racism, and sexism in the workplace, then we may have a little work to do.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion