Pam Brock

Pam Brock

Human Resources Specialist for Luxa Enterprises, LLC, Pam enjoys spending time outdoors, especially on the golf course. She is married and has one child and is involved in many activities at her church.

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Are You Overselling The Job or Company In Your Recruiting Process?

When most of us think of job interviews, we tend to think of them from the perspective of the employer. You're looking over pools of applicants, making phone calls, checking references, and trying to figure out which candidate is going to be the best fit for the position, and for your company overall when the ink is finally dry on the contract. It's often an intense experience, and it can be an involved discussion through several levels of the company before an offer gets made.

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How Employer Contributions to an HSA can Help you Save Big

A study from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) revealed that the average premium for employer-sponsored health coverage amounted to $6,896 for single coverage and $19,616 for family plans during 2018. They also noted that the average single premium rose by 3% over the previous year, while the average family premium went up by 5%. That amounts to a more than a 20% increase since 2013.

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Leading From The Back Of The Line

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Why Pride and Business Leadership Don’t Mix

Like a lot of things in life, pride can be a positive or a negative. When you’ve worked hard to accomplish something it can be a great thing. But, if pride gets caught up with ego, it becomes arrogance. And arrogance can be dangerous to your leadership effectiveness.

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Why A Human Resource Checklist Can Boost Your Business Management

It’s not very common for start-up small businesses to prioritize HR. What should you think about?

You’ll need to create HR plans, policies and processes that meet short-term requirements and budgets but also take into account your long-term goals.

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