Frauke P Quiroga

Frauke P Quiroga

President and Partner for LUXA Enterprises, Frauke enjoys spending time with her family. She is a member of the Tulsa Ballet Founders Society and active in Tulsa Area United Way and several local chambers.

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Why Recruiting Can Be The Most Colorful Profession

Funny Recruiting Stories

Over the 11 years that LUXA's HR team has been helping clients hire employees, we have experienced some unusual and funny interviews that we thought were worth sharing! 

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Community Involvement Ideas and Why it Matters



In the world of non-profit organizations, the key words of community support often used are time, treasure and talent. These words refer to the many ways that employees and companies can provide support within the community. Community involvement can be done in so many ways, whether it is family resources, children programs, health (mental and physical) support and such.

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3 Rules To Help With Work-Life Balance for Parents

When I was younger, I - much like most energetic, over-enthusiastic women in their late-twenties - believed in the dream of having a stable work-life, healthy children, and on top of that a peace of mind.

It didn't take me long to realize this vision was somewhat naive. 

Being a mother of six (yes, six) beautiful, talented children and also being a devoted President of a rapidly-expanding company, you bet that I've had my fair share of burnouts. 

And you know what? It's ok to accept that you can't have it all! I did!

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5 Reasons Why Accrual Accounting Is Used Because Of Need

Accrual accounting is used because of it's benefits

As a business owner, experiencing growth can be a double-edge sword. Why? When your business growth experiences an increase in revenue and profit your bookkeeping can get complicated. You may need to consider changing the way you handle your money.

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