Why Reconciling Your Account Is Vital To Your Month End Close Process


Check Your Bank, Check Your Books

Reconciling your bank account is a fundamental month end closing process in accounting and is critical for your business and personal financial health.

If you are not reconciling your bank accounts on a regular basis you can’t be confident that what your balances show in your books is really what is in your bank.

At a minimum you should reconcile the bank statement to your records whenever you receive your bank statement, be it monthly or quarterly. Even better, reconcile it every day!

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The Advantages of a Diverse Workforce Explained

When it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it is important to note that all individuals see the world through “our own lens”. Our culture, history and life experiences can shape how we see people and view the world. To move diversity forward, it is important that we take moments in time to truly self-reflect and question why we believe what we believe, how do we view different groups of people and why. Is this what I truly believe and value?

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