Small Business Accounting And Annual Insurance Audits

LUXA Enterprises specializes in small business accounting in Denver. They are on-hand to help with all of a company's bookkeeping requirements, especially during the time of an annual insurance audit.

The first year of insurance coverage for a small business typically comes with an estimated premium rate. However, after that first year of coverage it is common practice for insurance carriers to order insurance audits on all small business customers.

The renewal and establishment of more precise premium rates for a company's workers' compensation and general liability policies depends on the meticulous tracking of payroll, subcontractor costs, sales figures, and more.

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How Cloud Based Accounting Software Helped A Working Mother-of-three

The value to planning and business management in any size business is essential to good growth and planned expansion. What is also important is the set of tools one uses to accomplish these goals. This is what Kim Seeley, co-founder of Ausmade Joinery, and her husband found out when they started their business. 

(What is cloud accounting?)

The use of cloud accounting tools like Xero and it's ability to help in the planning and business management of a start-up, can really be the difference between good business ideas and failure.

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Cloud Based Accounting Software: Using Expensify for Your Business

Every business owner and their employees know reporting company expenses is an important task.  However, keeping track of a paper trail of receipts, mileage expenses and even recording time worked are some of the more tedious tasks performed throughout an employee's typical workday.  This is where a convenient app like Expensify comes into play to use for everyday business expense recording.

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Why right now is a great time to consider outsource solutions

Every year I go through the same list of activities at the beginning of the year: cleaning up files, conducting audits, policy and procedure review, retention and destruction activities, etc. These are the activities HR Pro’s think about when the New Year begins.

So how do you get it all done? Perhaps you are an HR Department of one or you are a business leader or owner who does HR or Accounting activities on the side. Regardless of what your situation is, time is the one thing we never seem to have enough of.

Fortunately there are some great resources out there that will allow you to continue to focus on your key responsibilities and give you peace of mind that the “To-Do” list is being taken care of.

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How Can Outsourced Solutions Help Small Business Accounting In Denver?

Entrepreneurs juggle a variety of tasks to sustain their business growth. A strategic partner to handle your small business accounting in Denver can alleviate stress to focus on the continual progression of their vision.

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What Is Cloud Accounting Really?

More and more business is heading to the cloud. The cloud essentially allows a business owner or individual to assess important information from any computer or mobile device in the world, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

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Going From Spreadsheets To Cloud Based Accounting Software

How do you do your small business accounting? Do you have a literal set of books that you balance with a calculator? Do you use a simple spreadsheet program? Do you have an abacus?

Whatever your methods, there comes a time when you need to go from spreadsheets to cloud based accounting software. The tough part is figuring out which software is right for your needs. There are a ton of factors that contribute to choosing the right software, from capabilities to compatibility. 

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Small Business Accounting in Denver: Is Your Business Ready for 2017?

The new year is here.  If you are a small to medium-sized business who is committed to getting your accounting practices in order in 2017, here is a helpful checklist for you to use when evaluating Denver accounting providers for small business.

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How Cloud Based Accounting Software Can Drive Growth

If you're running an ecommerce business, then there is no tool more important for you company than a cloud inventory solution. A cloud inventory is the basis of your operations, providing a clean and organized infrastructure needed to manage your goods.

However, picking the right cloud solution can be a bit overwhelming. But that's why we're here to help!

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How Opportunity Costs Impact Accounting In Denver

Basic accounting is an unforgiving unyielding world of debits, credits, depreciation, payroll, and government forms. But as you get more experienced in running your business, you should factor in a more intangible phrase from Management Accounting; OPPORTUNITY COST.

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What Is Cloud Accounting? 10 Vital Reasons To Use The Cloud

Cloud computing has been around for several years now, with more and more entities and programming elements being integrated into the system all the time.

Cloud based accounting stands as one of the latest business aspects to move to the cloud. If you have been considering a move from your current accounting method, or even if you haven't, now is the time to switch to cloud accounting.

While there are dozens of individual benefits associated with this move, this is a list of 10 reasons why you should be using cloud accounting software. So, what is cloud accounting and why should you use it?

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What Is Cloud Accounting? The Advantages of Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud based accounting software has improved the ability to access financial records to a whole new level, both for accountants and business owners.

Since its inception, most companies that opted to utilize the software have recorded an increase in profits and better accounting transparency. Due to its convenience, small business owners are jumping into the cloud technology bandwagon every passing day.

If you are a smart business minded person then you know the success of your business depends on its ability to adapt to changes in time. What makes cloud based technology a viable option for businesses?

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What Is Cloud Accounting? 6 Key Advantages Of Cloud Accounting

For the uninitiated, cloud accounting basically takes the software and processes of primary accounting functions from the in-house domain to the Internet, with data stored on remote external servers. If you’re wondering why this software as a service (SaaS) solution is quickly becoming mainstream, consider these six key advantages.

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What Is Cloud Accounting? And How Can It Can Help Small Business Grow?

What is cloud accounting? Have you ever lost vital business data in your external or internal hard disk? Even if you haven’t, the effort of manually updating the latest data on your work computer is tiresome and time-consuming. However, thanks to cloud based accounting software, securing your business data has never been so easy, flexible and inexpensive.

All you need is a computer with internet connection to automatically back up your business data online. The advancement of cloud based technology is that it allows your data to be securely stored online instead of on a computer hard-disk.

In fact, small business owners that do not know accounting can efficiently utilize cloud accounting technology to grow their business.

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