Use These Work-life-balance Tips From Mother Nature

Recently, the concept of work-life-balance has gained popularity among many working professionals, especially busy professionals. The ideology behind this is to find the perfect balance. Much like a recipe to a cake or cookie, having a proportionate mix of ingredients should result in a more equal distribution of time, therefore equating to a more peaceful person.

I have a different view to propose. In fact, this view follows the rule of nature and the changes that occur in our seasons.

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Top CEOs Reveal How Good Business Ideas Got Started

We came across a study by Inc. magazine from a recent research by Gallup that describes how Inc. 500 CEO's got their start and how they run their businesses along with demographics and the make-up of these leaders. So if you have good business ideas and want to know how the top CEO's made it there, we encourage you to read on. 

Knowing some of these factors can shed light on how other business owners or aspiring start-ups can learn from where these CEO's came from and who they are.

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