7 Apps That Can Improve Time Management For Leaders and SBO's

How often are you checking emails, responding to texts, allowing walk-in interruptions in your office, checking social media, etc? These are the most annoying and time wasting elements of an entrepenuer or small business owner. Wearing multiple hats and dealing with mis-timed interruptions can ruin what you had planned for the day. The key is refocusing and finding the right pattern of productivity in the day again once the interruption has ended. 

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Time Management For Leaders: Busy or Productive And The Difference

So often we fill our calendars with meetings, to-do tasks, and events that it seems the right the thing to do as leaders. At the end of the day, we can check off those pending items with a sigh of relief. Yet, have we really accomplished anything?

Being busy and being productive can be elusive and it shows in actions and habits that are distinguishable, one from the other. We came across 11 different types of activities that can distinguish one from being busy versus being productive. 

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