Payroll Laws In Oklahoma: What To Be Aware Of In 2015

For 2015, there are new regulatory requirements issued by the government that reflect what an employer needs report and file for payroll purposes. Effective January 1st, 2015, new federal laws cover taxation, benefits, government contractors, workplace safety, and healthcare (with addition to reports W2 and 1009, employers need to give to on-board employees with details about compensation pay and withholdings).

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Series Focus On Business Mistakes: Plan To Be Profitable

Tonnies Mini’s: A DIY cupcake store learns the value of planning

Many business owners are usually full of great ideas. Tonnie was one of them. Meet Tonnie - a small business owner in New York. He was featured in the latest show with Marcus Lemonis, The Profit. However, the problem with great ideas with a poor process is a struggling bottom line.

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